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During the workshop of Mislav Zugaj and Gaile Pranckunaite, we designed a pavilion dedicated to the future country of The United States of Antarctica. It is based on the book 'The Collapse of Western Civilisation' by Noami Oreskes & Erik M. Conway.

Exhibition, Spacial & Identity Design

Damage Control

The book discusses the 'history of climate change' from the perspective of a Chinese historian from the 24th century, a post-climate-change world. Based on scientific predictions, it creatively combines facts like sea-level rise, the disappearance of large coastal areas, species extinction, and food crises with fictional historical events, and ultimately, how climate change was finally solved and the changes necessary to achieve this. This mix of science fiction and facts paints a vivid picture of the climate change problem and puts into perspective the massive consequences humanity could face shortly. The exhibition covered four main themes: market power, public opinion, geo-engineering, and the post-collapse world.

The United States of Antarctica

Pavillion Design

The United States of Antarctica logotype, Poster by Kirill Zakomoldin, Johannes Zacharias, and Anthony Vernerey

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