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Video Presentation

“How to avoid getting the bends” is an immersive digital experience, designed based on the text of Vanessa Kowalski, a curator, and poet based in New York. The text explores the vision of a dystopian future, based on the predictions of the Right and Left Accelerationists. The work is a monument to what once was humanity.

Following Moore’s law, a tech­ technological singularity was developed, forcing the next step of non­human evolution – a Super Ai. “The transparency of our screens paradoxically reveals an opacity, a mental dullness of the submerged socio­economic conditions that have empowered the swelling upsurge of an artificial general intelligence wherein bots can reason, learn, detect and respond to hazards based on the if­then­else logic of someone running out of air.” In this virtual world, the viewer is invited to reflect on their “humanity.” Is it too late to preserve the heritage of humankind? The work exists in the format of a game­like experience and a virtual reality application.

Screenshots from the Virtual Environment

Video Walkthrough