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A series of immersive videos, designed for each song of the album was inspired by the dreamy aesthetics of Kedr Livanskiy's music. Each environment is an immersive space, synchronized with the song’s sound.

360º Visuals, Creative Direction, Immersive Design

Kedr Livanskiy – Your Need

Video Presentation

We created a captivating work consisting of immersive environments, each corresponding to a song on Kedr Livanskiy's album "Your Need". The result is a series of videos exploring the topics and aesthetics explored through the music of Kedr.

The immersive 36Oº degree environments feature dreamy aesthetics that complement the artist's music, and each environment is a fully immersive space synchronized with the sound of the song it represents. The viewers can lose themselves in these mesmerizing environments and experience a unique, multi-sensory journey through Kedr's music.

Screenshots from the Ablum Visuals

Kedr Livanskiy's Live Performance @Boiler Room / Visuals for "Your Need" Album

Video Presentation

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