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The Daily Climate Show: Willemskade is a virtual reality experience set in a speculative future in Rotterdam. It takes place at the street Willemskade, interpreting the impact climate change will have on the city. The project was created during the Summer Sessions Residency at V2_Lab for Unstable Media Residency in Rotterdam.

VR, Exhibition, Residency, Education

TDCS: Willemskade

Video Presentation

The immersive experience aims to bring awareness and challenge the viewer's climate status quo. By responding to questions about their daily life decisions, the viewers can learn about their impact on the future of the city and the planet's climate. For this project, the artists consulted with environmental scientist Alberto Bosco to construct a set of actions and decisions that people could come back to after viewing the work in VR.

The Daily Climate Show [TDCS] is an ongoing series of projects exploring changes in climate due to human activity. It explores ways to tackle the difficulty of acting and understanding the impact of climate change through immersive and interactive virtual experiences.

TDCS: Willemskade was developed as a part of the Summer Sessions 2021 at V2_Lab for Unstable Media. Photography by Fenna de Jong.

Virtual Reality Experience

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